Moving On

Class of 2025

A couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago, the whole school was in rehearsal for today.  Learning new songs, writing up speeches, memorizing the words, practicing the sentences, working on the choreograph (arms waving overhead), getting excited.  The preschoolers would be ready to move up; the kindergarteners (or is that kindergartenors?) ready to move on.  Graduate.

Wear your handsome suit daddy and a tie.  Oh not the fat clown suit?  No, that’s not a good one to wear.  Not a good look.  You know the one to wear.  I’ll have on a fancy dress, and Momma will also wear a fancy dress.  We’ll all look nice for graduation.  Gowns and mortar boards?  No way.  Plenty of pomp though, without the circumstance. 

Introductions, songs, Hello to All the Children of the World; This Pretty Planet; Mon Petit Chat and Le Kangourou (My Little Cat and Kangaroo for all you non-Francophonians); Somewhere Out There; Dona Nobis Pacern (I have no idea, is that Latin?); What a Wonderful World (Oh Yeah); and How Could Anyone Ever Tell You; speeches, Lexi’s speech.

My name is Lexi Rust Sip.  I am four years old.  I will be staying at the school next year.  I will miss all my friends who are leaving the school.


I have a daughter who loves to smile and blow us kisses from the stage.  Practicing for a future on Broadway or Hollywood or something.  Flash bulbs going off.  She hops onto the red carpet, sashays over and joins us long enough for a couple of photographs to be taken, then jets off screaming to play with her friends. 

After the hour-long ceremony of songs, a quick brunch featuring the signature family lasagna contribution to the potluck.  Confession, I’m one of those parents who worries that the dish I’ll contribute will go untouched.  Brunch nearly over, chaos in the gymnasium, with 50 preschoolers running wild.  Keeping fingers crossed here as we watch them go crazy with each other, grinning, laughing, yelling.  Making their summer plans.

What are you doing this summer?  Where are you going?  Where will you be?  Will you be coming back next year?

Special thanks to all the parent volunteers who worked so hard to make this event run smoothly and successfully.

2/3rds of the lasagna was eaten.  A sigh of relief.  A daughter in kindergarten next fall.


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