Hotline, Hotline, Calling on the Hotline….


Disco Craze

It’s Sunday evening, and I’m watching Sam Raimi’s Darkman, after sitting on my favorite mosquito-less patio during an unseasonably warm Spring in Washington, DC, drinking a Port City Brewing Company, Alexandria, Virginia, Optimal Wit, which is a Belgian Style White Ale brewed with spices (aren’t they all?) reflecting on our Saturday evening late night (7:30 PM) drive home from BounceU (which is a whole ‘nuther story) with my daughter.

Wash-FM 97.1 was playing its usual program of 70’s Disco.  There was KC and the Sunshine Band singing Get Down Tonight, which Lexi asked about, wondering of the name of the band; ABBA singing Dancing Queen; Hall and Oates singing I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do); A Taste of Honey singing Boogie Oogie Oogie, the Trammps singing That’s Where the Happy People Go, Rock the Boat by the Hues Corporation, the Sylvers singing Hot line, Hot line, Calling on the Hot line, for Your Love, for Your Love (clap, clap).  Hot line, Hot line, Calling for Your Loooooove.  Her all time favorite; singing it all the way home; grooving all the way. 

But before we got home, she told me about the back-story to this hit song of the 70’s.

According to this young Dancing Queen strapped into her 5-point harness in her booster seat in the back, this song has its origins in a 911 emergency call to the fire department (never mind that the 911 emergency call system wasn’t widely known in the 70’s) complaining of a hot, hot house on fire.  The fire department truck arrived with its love and water hoses, eventually dousingthe fire.  Everybody happy. 

My own brief brief career as a disco king wannabe was snuffed out way too early, when the Illinois drinking age went from 19 to 21; fake plastic IDs with phony ages, scarily purchased in the back rooms of greasy head-shops, went out of style; and the Red Apple Discotheque on the Illinois-Indiana border began enforcing the new law.  I was toast, and my days of doing the bus top were over.  But actually, for the odd sub-genre the disco craze left us, it was, for the most part, pretty happy music.  That much I do remember.

Anyway, she sang the Hot line refrain over and over until she nodded off happily to sleep just before we pulled up to the home.


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