My Favorite Saturday, Part Three

The Real Chicago Pizza

The real Chicago Pizza, and Pino Noir, with a good friend.  A Shadow-Camo Swiss Army Knife.  The Sudan, both Khartoum and Juba.  The newest country in the world, and no, it isn’t Kosovo, anymore.

About Deeda's World

Curious world-traveller, democracy promoter, rule of law upholder (kind of), graphic novel (okay, comic book) fanboy, coffee addict, and above all else, proud father to a wonderful daughter, who calls me "Deeda". Her hip version of Dad. Full Legal-Like Disclosure: This blog is about me. My world.
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One Response to My Favorite Saturday, Part Three

  1. One of my favorite New Yorker cartoons has a guy telling the waiter, “I want a Chardonnay, but I like saying Pinot Noir.” 🙂

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