My Favorite Saturday, Part One

That Girl in Paris

An early morning, she’s not feeling too well, but well enough to “do some stuff” , “play, play, play”, and “see what we can see” today.   That’s my cue.  We build the fort with pillows for bricks and pillows for mortar.  Duchess is already there, bouncing up and down on the drawbridge.  Big Bear is sinking fast into the crocodile-filled moat below, and is in need of a rescue mission.  I grab him from under his arms, Lexi pulls at his ears, and we hoist him to safety.  Duchess breathes a sigh of relief; Big Bear just grins. 

“Thanks, but I coulda taken those crocodiles,” he says.

We bounce in our fort for a few minutes more, then destroy what we’ve built.  Time to get dressed, ready to “see what we can see.”

Do you want to wear this?  No.  Do you want to wear that?  No.  Not this and not that.  I want to wear this, choosing the purple “Sweet” long gray-sleeved shirt and more purply tights.  Purple socks.  Black boots.  Purple coat.  Purple fuzzy hat and scarf.  Pink mittens.  Is there a pattern here?  “But not the gloves.  I want the mittens.”  I guess not.

Bundled up we begin our trek around the fiefdom, collecting taxes and seeking whatever treasures can be found in our territories.  Petting some dogs and getting kissed by others.  “That dogga wants to kiss me.” 

Back in the cozy place, we find all of the African animals, the ones who have been asking about the small girl, wondering how she is and what she’s been doing lately.  They want to play a round or two of hide-and-go-seek.  Africa Giraffe, Africa Gnu (“what’s gnu with you?), Africa Zebra, Africa Lion and Lioness, and their new friend, Africa Elefante, the Tusker – “all the Africa guys are here.”  We find each one, hiding and scattered, crouching, waiting to pounce, waiting to be found, to begin the game again.

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, we don’t last too long playing this board game of counting, colors, skills and adventure, but the song continues,

“Five little monkeys jumping on the bed,

One fell off and bumped his head,

Mamma called the doctor and the doctor said,

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

A Valentine card project awaits, hearts and flowers, hearts and flowers.  Stickers of hearts, flowers, Cutie, Be Mine, Sweet, Way Cool, Hi, What’s Up?, Love, Today is Fun Day.  A card for Mommy, Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Dan, Aunt Carol, Uncle Jamie, Aunt Irene.  Daddy, of course.  Reds, and more pinks and purples.

Time for snack – Let’s go!  Cheddar cheese sticks, pretzels, Pirates Booty Cheese Puffs washed down with raspberry lemonade.  Coffee for Daddy.  “When I grow up and get bigger, will I drink coffee?”

Madeleine in a Parisian hospital having her appendix removed; Olivia eating meatballs and spaghetti with Francine; Curious George and that Man in the Yellow Hat finding the lost puppy; I Like You just because I like you; that Giving Tree and that old guy sitting on her stump.  Gotta get Eloise.  We travel far and wide, and travel pretty well.

All this before 11:30 a.m.

We roll out the chocolate-chip cookie dough (prepared the night before) and roll lumps into balls and place them onto the cookie sheet.  Baking while eating PB&J lunch.  Coulda had meatballs, coulda had chicken nuggets, but opted for PB&J.  That’s a good chocolate-chip cookie and I’ll take a glass of milk.  Okay I’m finished, time to go.  “Play, play, play.” 

Or at least read a few more books before taking a nap.

Red and brown moose pajamas, the kind with the full feet.  Warm and comfy.  Pinky Bear is drowsy, waiting to doze off.  If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, chances are he’ll want two.  A little lullaby music and sleep comes easily… 

And that’s the morning, my favorite Saturday.  And it’s only 1:45 p.m.!


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