Fu-Dog and the Mysteriously Exploding Pierogi: A True Halloween Tale

The Bat

The Red Masks

Nothing like Halloween to bring up a good scare, or at least a good story.  It all begins near the free parking lot (yes, I said free) of Goose Island Brewery.  Normally it can run ya about 30 bucks to park, thanks for our city’s fathers.  Just sayin’, just the facts.  And let’s hear it for the boys at Goose for letting us park here for free.  Applause.  And lets hear it for Garcon as well.  More applause.

I tell you what.  That haunted Archer Avenue IHOP got them some good bacon.  Which reminds me of my good friend Kevin Bacon who was, at one time, married to the owner of Chicago Chinatown’s Dong Lee Market.  “Buy bangwa here, five dolla.”  Dong Lee’s owner, Fu-Dogga, recently learned that the market was originally founded by the High Priest of the Church of Satan, friend of the author of Rosemary’s Baby, who incidentally was the co-owner of The Original Maxwell Street Polish.  So there you have it – I do not think that heartburn is just a coincidence!  And, oh yeah, the Polish was also Resurrection Mary’s favorite food, along with the bacon at the Archer Avenue IHOP. 

Coincidence?!  Well, I don’t know, but it’s something for you to ponder upon as we wheel into Billy Goat’s Tavern.  But I do know this, on certain nights, while waiting in the long lines at Phoenix for dim sum, one can hear the wailing of a baby’s head, which can also be seen floating in the windows above.

And again, what’s a Maxwell Street Polish?  Polish, yellow mustard, grilled onions.  Sport peppers on the side.  Nothing more, nothing less.


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